Saturday, September 12, 2009

Towards the neighbours

I did this sketch with the idea of using it as a base for a lino cut. I am a bit afraid it is too complicated but I will see how I go. The poplars still have not got their leaves so are easy to do.
I am in awe of the wood cuts that the Japanese did, I have several and to think that they were so little thought of they were used as wrapping paper at one time.
Another awful day today with high winds and far too hot for early September.
We went to watch another grand daughter play in her netball championships today and I came home with a dreadful bout of hay fever. They won their match and she was best on court so very well done.
Not feeling brilliant and nearly forgot the Haiku so here it is, no relevance to anything except it is plum blossom time. By Buson.

Plum blossom time.
Courtesans buying sashes
in their houses of pleasure.


ArtPropelled said...

After seeing the intricate work you do I have every faith that you will manage this piece. Lovely sketch, Penny. Hope you are feeling brighter today.

Candy said...
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Candy said...

Very nice sketch. Woohoo for your granddaughter!