Sunday, September 20, 2009

We three owls

I have been printing my lino cut owls onto rusted fabric and as I sat having a cup of tea sketched up this lot who I thought were rather fun.
I have had a walk, dug holes in the garden and planted out some pots I have been meaning to do for ages. We are supposed to have a week of rain and dampness so I hope we do. Not sure what digging holes does to ones knee but here's hoping I havent made it worse.
I will put some of my photos of today on the other blog here.
As we walked along the beach today I thought this Haiku was appropriate, as usual the ones I like the best are by the master Basho.

Jewels of small shells
in ripples
of sand, tangled
with kelp and rubbish.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the three owls Penny. We get them here at night in the scots pines - they often keep the farmer awake with their hooting, nut not me - one advantage of being slightly deaf!

Kelly said...

...I love your little owls, and I like your poem too. I've never written a haiku. I'm going to have to think about one...

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Owls are always fun to draw. Loved the poem.
We are seriously into gardening at present - vegie patches, and today Peceli hired a digger and went crazy to make huge garden beds. He managed to break a pipe near a fence - haven't a clue where that pipe came from as there's no tap nearby! Our houseblock is 220 feet deep so we do have space for gardening.

Candy said...

Nice owls, Penny! What is your countdown to departure for Europe?