Monday, September 21, 2009

Possible sketches for lino cuts

I had a bad attack of reflux in the night, I love John's pasta but last night it did not like me and no medication worked so I was a bit flat today.
I had to go into town to get the mail and deliver some stuff to Gaby and then came home and ironed, boring but needed to be done.
The radio was full of dire warnings about thunderstorms and high winds all morning and other parts of the state certainly copped it but here we had a lot of rumbles, the power out for a few minutes twice, and lots of lovely rain.
So what with the ironing and generally tidying up I didnt have a lot of time and in fact the days are going fast, it is only 8 days before we leave and I am still fiddling around with stuff in my work room!
I cant quite get my head around the positive negative for the lino cuts so was trying out a few designs to see if I could do one of each and these were my initial sketches.
I dont know if I will have time to do them before I go but if I have a few minutes at least I can try.
It is back to winter here at the moment so perhaps this Haiku by Rokwa are appropriate.
Twice perhaps three times
the chimes of the river
Oh what a cold night!

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ArtPropelled said...

I can see the possibilities with your sketches. Inking the lino before carving into it might help you to get your head around positive/negative shapes.