Sunday, September 13, 2009

More lino cuts

I am having a lovely time doing these lino cuts, such a lot of fun and I do have to sketch them first so I suppose this is ok .
We had a lovely day today, still very windy but cooler and we went whale watching so if you want to catch up on that see my other blog here.
I dont think I realised just how many lino cuts I have hanging on the walls in this house, more than I thought any way. I have always liked them as they were a way of getting something by an artist but cheaper than say a watercolor or an oil painting.
Mine are pretty primitive but some of the ones I have are very detailed. I like primitive, but I can appreciate those who do the beautifully detailed ones.
I have no idea why I had never tried to do lino cuts before, something I had never seen done and I suppose I had never had the correct tools and I have to say that the easy cut stuff instead of lino is so much easier on my shoulders and hands, although I suppose they are perhaps not quite as crisp as lino.
Today's Haiku is by Buson, a bit enigmatic!

Spring rain falling.
On the roof a child's rag doll -


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh I remember linocutting at school! Bet this activity wouldn't be permitted now, all health and safety red tape etc etc.

Kelly said...

I like primitive too....and I love your owl!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The patterns on owls are always good for linocuts. How do you print yours? Rub with a spoon? Yes, those Japanese woodcuts are marvellous - how they ever got those details I wonder. I just wouldn't have the patience.

When are you leaving for the great holiday? My niece who is living in France for a few years while her husband works in Geneva now has seven children! Three little Melbourne froglets (her brother's oldest kids) flew over to her household - they already speak French so will go to school there.