Thursday, June 15, 2006

bits and pieces of junk

Today I decided to walk in the neighbours paddock, it is no where near as cultivated as ours and the land doesnt get much fertilizer and their swamp is not fenced. Much easier walking for me but of course we put up some kangaroos and the dogs were not very co operative. I walked much further and longer this evening and found these bits of junk, an old wheel and I think the other is wheel rims that have been welded to form a barbeque. I rather liked their odd form and sketched for a while. It was so pleasant I thoroughly enjoyed my walk for a change and may do it more often during winter, a bit snakey looking for summer walks.
Another very frosty morning, pipes are frozen and damage in the garden, but I did at least get a shower by about 9 am this morning!!


Alison said...

What a strange contraption. It's been 2 degrees here - i practically got hypothermia today walking and cycling without suitable clothes - I thought I'd get warm moving but no!

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely and warm here. But I won't be so smug in 6 month's time!

Carmen Sidlaruk said...

This makes interesting subject matter for a scketch. Very nice, but what I really like the image I envisioned when I read that you "put up some kangaroos". Since that is not a sight we in the US see.