Monday, June 26, 2006

Same scene slight differences

I have put both of these up because I did the first one without filling in the trees and wasnt sure if it was I wanted to do so then filled in the trees and scanned that one. I think it looks a bit more finished. I walked up the house paddock track and was rather taken with these long shadows. I really want to use colour but am finding it hard to get to. I am managing about an hour to half an hour a day walking, but have so much to do in the house. Then my other blog, Back Valley seasons had a huge hiccup today and when I finally re did it the bit I thought I had lost and couldnt find anywhere suddenly appeared as well. Sometimes the mysteries of the computer are totally out of my ken. I wasted so much time.
I have had a disturbing day, problems with my mother and I would like them resolved but could be a waiting game for a while. I dont seem to be able to settle and do anything, so did the ironing!


Alison said...

I think it's better with some infil too - otherwise can initially be mistaken for clouds. I hope your worries get sorted soon. My mother is in a good phase at the moment - I take her out every Sunday to break the weekend for my Dad.

Julie Oakley said...

Sorry to hear that things are difficult at the moment. I find that looking for things to draw makes me see things better. Today I saw some beautiful patterns of leaves overlapping with soft light behind making them translucent. I knew I couldn't capture it adequately with the time and materials I had, but the picture is stored in my head and I may still use it sometime.