Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The dam with ducks!

I reversed the way I walk tonight,and lost the black kelpie Jake but he knows how to get home so I didnt worry too much about him. The black dots are the ducks, I find it very difficult to do water and my track looks as if it is going up hill, I was quite high up on the hill. Oh well it was a 5 minute sketch and I thought I needed a bit of colour so used my derwent watercolour pencils to fill in a bit. I found one of the yearling fillies was out but she was way across in another paddock and wasnt going to get into trouble so left her. I think I am going to be sketching an awful lot of trees, as you can see our country is rolling with a lot of trees and at the moment lots of lovely green grass.


Alison said...

I think I would have a dog again if we didn't have to always walk them on a lead unless we go to special dog parks. They've got pretty strict here and as I walk a lot on shared pedestrian/bike paths, I suppose it's reasonable. I hate being harried by a dog when I'm on a bike.

Julie Oakley said...

That is a pain having to walk dogs on the lead all the time - it would put me off. They are great for getting you out walking though. Well done Penny on making such a great start with the walking/sketching - it's great to have you join the One Mile from Home crew. I've at last added your link to my blog.