Monday, June 12, 2006

Sea to the vines festival

Gosh its that time of the day again. I have to confess that today I didnt get a huge amount of walking done, mostly from the car to wineries and back. The sea to the vines is a festival put on by the McLaren Vale wineries and as we fish with some of the winery owners and know others we usually go, mostly with friends but today we were on our own for one reason or other, and I was the designated driver, which meant I didnt drink but was given free coffee's at various places. The food is mostly seafood and we had a wonderful bouillabaise at one winery, the best prawns ever and fresh oysters at another and john had dessert at the third one. This sketch is what I hope will be a work in progress, it was done out of the window at d'Arenberg winery, d'Arry is an old and very dear friend and we spent a lot of the day with him, he will be 80 in December but looks about 60ish and fit! He and John are old fishing mates. The vines in some areas are the most wonderful gold and the leaves are still on them, in other places they have dropped and all yu can see are the outlines of the vines. I would love to draw on this sketch and turn it into a larger watercolour, we will see.
Along day and I am really not sure if it warrants being a walk but I did have to feed ponies this morning and walk at times quite some distance to the car, trouble is it was nearly dark by about 5pm as it was also overcast and cold.

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Kay Cox said...

How lovely! I fell in love with Australian wines when living in Perth but never made it to a festival. Be sure and see the movie "Sideways"...a quirky film about the California wine country. Good on ya! Keep on sketching. Kay