Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well I nearly didnt get a walk in at all today as I have a sore foot but into the trusty rubber boots, called the dogs, one fawn male pug and one black kelpie cross and out the back gate we went up around the race and up the hill and there is a lovely group of these Yakka's on the top of the hill these are a native plant, NOT a yukka and once upon a time we called them blackboys that is a no no now. They have very long sharp lance like leaves and throw up these huge long flower heads, they look a bit like someone in a skirt. When the flowers come out the small honeyeaters love them. They used to make varnish from the stumps, some can grow to about 15 feet tall here. Of course I had not taken a very good pen, it was very scratchy but sort of did the job.
I spent most of yesterday and today trying to get links to work, I have got the one on my other blog for here, now to get this one on.


Alison said...

Yes, we have some of these growing native in the hills around Canberra and, of course, lots in the garden centres for about $150+

Lin said...

NICE job on these Penny!!! I had to laugh too -- the dogs -- your boots!! I JUST LOVE how different cultures use different names for things!! SUCH FUN!

Julie Oakley said...

I had to laugh even more at the confusion over what you call your boots! You don't call them 'dogs' do you?