Saturday, June 10, 2006

The winter vegetable garden

It was freezing cold this afternoon when John and I went for a walk, a brisk southerly off the not so distant ocean (about 5 miles as the crow flies), and that meant the antartic, there is nothing between us and there.
So today I thought I would do the vegetable garden as I pass this everyday to get to the back gate into the house paddock. it actually looks worse than this as the nettles have grown, again, everytime we spray them they pop up again. I do have flowers in my veg patch, the red are cannas and the pink is a very bright daisy bush, then the fig tree with a few leaves, onions, broad beans and silver beet, a few late potatoes, not quite frosted off and the big leaves are verbascum which quietly seeds around my garden. I got a bit carried away with "darks" under the onions.
I dont know if anything really looks like what it is, but I had fun doing it.
We walked fairly quickly around the house paddock looking for weeds and seeing how the grass was growing, farmers delight in doing this.
I raced in to feed the dogs and put them away, John is trying to get some ground ready for the new lot of onions. Nearly 5pm and it is getting dark already.


Alison said...

Now you just need to Peter Rabbit to visit :) We are having lovely rain today.

Julie Oakley said...

Maybe the rabbit from my day's drawing could hop on over!