Monday, June 05, 2006

Gum trees on the hill

Todays walk was a replica of yesterday, rubber boots, cap, parka and dogs, except that I had been to the physio as my back had finally got to the almost unable to move stage, so I thought a nice gentle walk, but the dogs had other ideas and headed up the hill. I love this group of trees and thought I would do a quick sketch and perhaps tomorrow if the weather holds I will sit on one of the lower branches and sketch the view. Quick sketch done, one dog (who else but the Pug) missing. so I called I whistled, I searched up and down only finally to see far down the hill a little fawn dot wandering in circles. He had obviously suddenly missed me, thought he knew his way home but couldnt find me, is fairly blind and only hears you when he wants to, so down the hill Jake and I galloped (not good for the back) to rescue him before he wandered into the weaned foals paddock, they were only too excited to see this strange apparition and probably would have stomped on him. So my exciting walk and fairly boring sketch done for the day.

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