Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Unexpected trip to Pt Adelaide

Today I went with John to navigate through the Adelaide hills to a meeting he had and then went down to call on a friend in Adelaide(after getting lost due to a detour and getting car sick even if I was driving!). Any way my friend decided that we would drive down to Pt Adelaide and look at the new developments going on, once more I didnt have my camera, we belted along the docks, saw the dolphins and I was allowed a few minutes to sketch these bollards, poles whatever in a backwater of the river and the shags(cormorants) that were sitting on them. This was a very quick sketch as we had very little time and most of it was spent walking, yes I did manage to walk. I am sorry this is a bit light in places but I had to prove I had walked today and we got home late and tired.
My adventures didnt end as I then had to get back to John and work out where I went wrong with the detours, this is all very narrow windy roads. I would hate to live there during a bush fire. Not only that I was still in Adelaide when he rang to ask where I was! Oh dear.

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Alison said...

This one is very evvocative - i nearly did a comorant today but a currawong chased it off just as I was about to start - flowers instead