Friday, June 09, 2006

The creek culvert under our road

I did walk yesterday, but it was in Adelaide and I really didnt do any sketching as I didnt have time. Then I couldnt get onto the net when I got home, nor again this morning so you will just have to believe me.
dAlthough we did see a lovely exhibition at the art gallery, but that is on my other blog Back Valley seasons.
I had a late afternoon appointment with the physio today so walked the dogs after lunch and went down through the paddocks, nearly losing a rubber boot in a very boggy patch, to sketch the pipe that takes the creek through under the road, its not quite a bridge but I rather like the stome work that was done on it. No one sees it but I thought it would make a change from trees!
One of the good things about living on a farm is that you can let the dogs run, although I dont go near the road very much as the pug has absolutely no road sense what ever.
Thank you Julie for adding me to the walking list. I am finding that this is fun and really does make me go looking for something different. I would like a few more urban scenes but I will get around to that eventually.


Lin said...

These are so wonderful!! I too am having terrible computer problems -- think it's a plot??? LOL Good luck with the computer and the walking!! and I can't wait to see more of your artwork!!

Alison said...

I love the variety of lines in this one

Julie Oakley said...

Blooming blogger - took me forever the other night. It is good isn't it how this makes you look with a fresh eye at where you live? And with blogging you have an audience so it compels you to get out!