Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kings Beach sketches

We had a lovely day today. I did housework and got that out of the way, made soup for lunch and did a bit on my embroidery, then after lunch we drove in near Victor Harbor to Kings Beach. This is one of my most favorite walks and over the years I have documented it with photos. Of course today I forgot the camera and the waves were most spectacular, the tide very high. You walk for some way along the cliff top and the steps I drew take you out of one of the gullies you cross and then finally down to the beach and along to the headland, this is part of the Heysen trail which starts near here and goes all the way up through the Adelaide Hills and ends in the Flinders Ranges.
The other sketch is me trying to give an impression of the damp sand the waves coming in, the Island in the distance and the granite boulders everywhere. Wish I could do sea but these were very quick sketches, John tends not to wait! We walked for over an hour and then drove a short distance to a cafe that looks over the town and had a coffee.
When I got home the dogs had a very quick run around the house paddock with me throwing sticks for Jake. You can see I am feeling better and my back has stopped hurting.
I am loving the discipline this blog is giving me but not the fact that I have not had much time to put some colour on or sketch more accurately.


Alison said...

Lucky you to be able to walk by the sea - I really miss that aspect of my childhood - though the lake here is pretty good. I love your wonky steps and the raw beach scene works well despite no colour.

Julie Oakley said...

Don't worry about colour - you can always add colour later (even years later) the thing is to capture the moment in whatever way you can. For years and years I never drew at all because I was too ambitious - thinking I had to have the full array of watercolours, pencils etc. It was only when I decided to carry a tiny notebook and one drawing implement - one pen or one pencil that I started again. Some days now I am ambitious and lug round the full watercolour kit but I never want to get back to the point wher I don't draw because I can't carry the stuff around.

Judy Scott said...

Love your sketches and remember you'll always have them, far more precious than photos, j x