Wednesday, June 14, 2006

flowering she oak

This morning was so cold we had a frost right u p to the top of the hill opposite and the water didnt come through the pipes from the header tank until about 9.30 am. We havent had frosts like this for quite a long time. so far I cant see too much damage done to the garden.
I walked earlier today as I knew it would be cold again tonight and as I walked through one of the gates noticed that the she oak I planted there, I dont know how long ago, was in flower, I dont think I had really noticed their flowers before thay are so small, tiny little dusky red ones which then turn into quite large nots, well compared to the size of the flower. So I sketched it then and there and coloured it with watercolour pencils when I got home.


Alison said...

Lovely delicate colour

Julie Oakley said...

Oh yes - and amazing the things you notice when you're keeping your eyes open. I saw holly flowers the other day - I never really thought of holly having flowers