Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Burning heaps

John has been waiting for weeks for some wind so he could burn the heap but of course when we had the wind he got rain as well. So we have a very black and soggy heap with the odd paddy melon still showing, some blackened sticks and some not so black leaves and branches and lots of smoke and very few flames.
I was blocked in tonight for my walk as the cows are in the house paddock so we walked around the orchard and garden instead.
Thank you Julie for telling me what you use for your wonderful drawings, this is her one mile from home blogspot, bother I dont seem to be able to get a clickable site up, there is so much about this computer business that I dont know.
I must look for the Pitt pens, I have a feeling I have seen them, but not locally. I will have to wait until I go to Adelaide.


Alison said...

Bonfires are not allowed here - I do miss them

Penny said...

I dont think I would call this a bon fire, dont forget we are a farm so heaps are fairly normal, heaped up stuff that we cant burn until winter, sometimes they wait a few years if the winter is really wet.