Friday, June 02, 2006

A new blog and a funeral

Today was wet, we walked about 1/2 a mile to and from the car to the church to day for the funeral of a very modest man who we used to buy sheep from, he was a brilliant sheep breeder. I think they bought their first pony from me too. A huge number of people were ther and it was a lovely celebration of his life.
My sketch is done from memory and is a bit skew wiff as it was raining heavily.
This is my first post to a blog which I hope will record my daily walking and sketching, although I can see that it might be a bit awkward with the amount of rain we keep having.
The little church I must investigate more, I think it is the only one remaining of several that were built about the mid 1800's aroung the farming area. The others are all in ruins.


Alison said...

Welcome to this little group, Penny. I went to a funeral in the rain yesterday and it promped a very strange drawing. Oh, but it's such lovely rain. I like your little peopl under umbrellas.

mJ said...

Love this idea of having a blog for daily walk & sketch....wish I had more time to do the same.
I also love old churches.....would love to see more drawing of this one
or any from Adelaide and surounding Hills.

again well done
marie J'

Tony F said...

Another blog from Penny - hooray!