Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One of my favorite views

This is where, if I ever built a house, and we had lots of money and water was available I would build a house, faces north with a lovely view over the valley and you cant see the road, or the neighbours, just some sheds and a bit of our house. Actually I put it in as our house but then I wondered if it wasnt a shed a bit further along.My eyes from that distance are not brilliant. Any way I cimbed to the top of the hill and found a nice rock to sit on and the dogs stayed with me this time. I was going to do the view from the other way but the sun was in my eyes, I need to go a bit earlier, it is getting dark very quickly at the moment. There were very long shadows and it was getting very cold as I came Home.


Alison said...

You've caught a very plausible (and English looking) lie of the land - it would be lovely to have such a north-facing view.

Penny said...

Thanks Alison, but it is also very Australian around here, cold and windy in winter so a lot of windbreaks I suppose make it look english. In summer hot and dry looking