Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cup gum

I love these gums, they have the largest of our local eucalypt flowers and flower during winter. I have explained on my Back valley seasons blog how I got them.
I had an interrupted day, visitors, my pug bitch came home from having her puppies, they are gorgeous but I am not having any more, I feel that I am at an age to try and stop having too many animals. I think this feezing cold weather is telling me that age is certainly creeping up as I am stiff and ache in the morning and again at night. I must not feel sorry for myself, but when my oldest grandson will be 21 on Saturday you wonder where the years have gone.
Any way I had a morning walk this morning which was just as well as the dogs had a quick walk around the orchard again tonight, cows in the house paddock again, and I was late with a phone call. No walking in the dark around here, I might fall over and there are no street lights!


Alison said...

You've caught the character of these gum nuts beautifully, Penny.

Julie Oakley said...

I think you've caught theme very well, with some of them foreshortened and some of them from the side and some of them head on