Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another sea scape

Here is another one of my sea scapes, done on rough watercolour paper this time as I wanted to get the impression of the waves in the sea. I also used the artist quality paints, much better.
Looking towards the National Park.
the fellows went fishing over there this morning as it was too rough to go out in the boat, they caught some mullet and a few small salmon trout.
We had a friend in for morning tea, went to the local market and I bought a couple of things, a knitted tam being one, did some painting and some sewing and watched football. A lovely cold weather holiday day, with a lovely view and a fire burning.


Julie Oakley said...

Lovely watercolour. I just spent loads of money on some replacements and additions to my w&n watercolour pans. I can't believe the green I've gone through!

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL Penny -- such a good feel to this -- love the colors too!

phthaloblu said...

Beautiful painting of a beautiful scene.