Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fairy Penguins in bronze

I went in to get the papers this morning as John is doing accounts and I wanted to see if the local department store had any black high necked wool jumpers as mine has a hole in it, In at 9 am and not open until 10. the things you dont know about your own shops!
As I had to wait about an hour I walked over the causeway to Granite island and when I got over there I sketched this little bronze of 3 Fairy Penguins done by Silvio Apponyi, I hope that is the correct spelling.
Still before 10 so I went to the bead shop and bought some beads I need for another birthday bracelet. WhenI finally got to the shop, new shipment in yesterday, every colour under the sun,EXCEPT Black!!! Not my day.
I have been busy potting up some pansies for winter and walking the dogs, hand washing some jumpers and... well I havent stopped.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A hole in your jumper, well, why don't you darn it? We were talking about mothers this morning and someone said she can picture her mother darning socks. Well, we don't do that these days do we? Fairy penguins are quaint. There was a sad story in the local news about two dozen penguins caught in a fishing net someone had carelessly left. Near Queenscliff.
Have a nice Mothers Day today, Penny. I've just been out to lunch - was invited to a friend's place when she knew Peceli was away all day up in Melbourne.

Susan Borgas said...

I tried to darn my husbands socks once and he said it was like walking on stones!

By the way, I have tagged you if you would like to join in. Just follow the following link. to see what it is all about.