Saturday, May 19, 2007

On the way to Coffin Bay

I saw these wrought iron fish and shells on the outskirts of Cowell heading down Eyre Peninsular towards Pt Lincoln on our way to Coffin Bay. I think one is an oyster and one a whiting, one looks like a nautilis but the other fish looks rather like a nasty, a puffer fish.
It was a very long day but this new holiday house, not a shack, looks and is pretty comfortable, although the lap top is set up very awkwardly at it works. we left at about 7.30 and arrived at about 5.30 to be greated by friends with freshly opened oysters and a bottle of wine. Lovely. We dont have quite the view we used to have but a change is good. We still see the channel but not the bay so walking and sketching will be a must


martha said...

What a fun sketch! Sure says "vacation" to me.

phthaloblu said...

Yeah, vacation is written all over this one. I love those little yard decorations. Nice sketch.

Julie Oakley said...

Great subject matter. If you hadn't explained it, it could have looked like the poduct of an overactive imagination