Friday, May 11, 2007

Trip to Adelaide

Blogger is being bloggy tonight and I have lost this twice already so I hope I manage to finish this minus one sketch. John had an early morning meeting in Adelaide today so I dropped him off and went to collect my mother and take her for a coffee, as it was still early I decided to go 1/2 way across to the other side of town to get some mohair for the rug I am knitting her from the only yarn shop i know got some wonderful stuff at 1/2 price as it was last of a few balls so was I pleased. My mother was pleased as she got to see lots of trees and houses and the hills.
Dropped her back tired but happy about an hour and a half later to get a call from John to say he should be finished by 12 and go to the city centre. Well the Govt is building an extension of a tram way that no one wants and half the city is in uproar. After going around and around I finally found a park, paid my money and walked along the River Torrens, our muddy little pond which is graced by the name river. So I sketched in the sun, the first is of the river and what I think is a boatshed and the university footbridge in the back ground. The second is of some rather lovely lights that were leading down some steps to the river.
John of course was an hour late, so I had plenty of time.
A long and tiring day but at least I did a bit of sketching.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I think you would never run out of things to draw when you visit Adelaide. This project does help us all to stop and observe the shapes around us. Your lights are similar to the ones we have in Eastern Beach.
Jeepers, you do live a busy life and on the move so much, and your guy doesn't sit in the sun either.

Penny said...

I am not sure what happened, once I thought being a grandmother meant sitting in a rocking chair knitting!! Hah.