Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday and Saturday, Mambray Creek

I am home very tired after about a 5 hour drive, some through the busiest bit of Adelaide in drizzle, so am tired, but pleased with myself.
I had a great week end with about 6 other Grumpy women and I walked every morning, scribbled down a few things and then worked until late at night doing textile and related "stuff"
The weather was lovely but I really only had time to sketch in the very early mornings, i had hoped to do more later in the afternoons but time got away from us.
The first sketch is across the top of the gulf from the fence I walked down to at the end of the property and the second is the track I walked showing the very red earth, it is an incredible colour and I dont think I quite got it right.
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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Sometimes the earth is an amazing colour - red, dark dark brown, sandy white. I once had a bottle of coloured sands - bought at the museum in Swan Hill with wonderful colours.

Alison said...

These look pretty good to me. I've been doing my exercise every day but am pleased not to be having my blog inspected every day by father. I have discovered another weight maintenance trick - I do my embroidery at the table when I have eaten, so I am not tempted to have seconds while i wait for my menfolk to fill their enormous stomachs. Much more satisfying for me.