Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beach finds

I have no idea where the button or fabric daisy came from but they were part of the beachcombing this morning.
I have had two walks today and my knees are telling me off. One this morning on my own and one this afternoon with Mary, it was such a lovely day we had to be out in it.
This morning we were part of the Great morning tea in aid of cancer at the Coffin Bay hall. I bought a woollen hat at the auction, the girl who makes them sells them for twice as much so I was quite pleased. They had a raffle a big auction where for such a small community things went for high prices and the children from the small primary school sang and danced so all in all fun was had by all.


Deborah said...

I really like your little collection of beach tid bits. Nice composition.

Arty Velarde said...

This is a nice piece. I like the colors.

Alison said...

You have some lovely holiday sketch mementoes - I [particularly like this one - lovely sweet nothings make a delightful little painting