Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pine cone

It is very wet and windy again today. I walked early as I am making an aubergine lasagna to take with me to our Grumpy week end tomorrow. I will be away from tomorrow morning until Monday some time.
Looking foreward to getting a few minutes to sketch the Flinders Ranges while I am there. Mambray Creek is on the flat but the view of the ranges from the farm house is stunning.
All the pine cones have closed up from being so wet, so this one looks a bit odd. Last time I collected them they were all open. Looks a bit more like a warty slug!
I think we have had about another 19 mm, I think John was worried about paddocks washing but they seem to be ok.
I seem to have half my work room with me so I hope there is room in the car for Wendy's stuff as well.


Alison said...

Well, a beautifully renedered warty slug - I hope you have a lovely weekend away.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The pine cone is fine.
An eggplant lasagna? When I posted about eggplant on the babasiga blog I got so many hits and comments, and my eldest son just hates eating it at any time, any way. I like it cut into circles and fried.
Have a nice weekend. We will be busy - tomorrow there's a dinner party for a lass who is graduating on Monday at Ballarat Uni. Lots of her Fiji family are coming to town.