Monday, May 14, 2007


Susan Borgas has tagged me, now I am not at all computer literate so I have no idea how to put up a link that will get you to her blog arts and stuff.
I am not to sure about tagging other people either and I keep losing my blog when I go to look for people, so lets just leave it that I have been tagged and here are 7 things you may not want to know about me.
1 Met my husband when I was 15 and married at 19 and still married 48 years later. Four children and ten grandchildren. we have lived on the same farm all my married life and my husbands family have had it since 1909. These days we dairy if droughts and falling prices allow us. 400 cows which our son in law manages.
2 I am not an artist and am not sure how I got into such good company but thanks Susan any way. I started off sewing and knitting, went to cloth doll making which I still do, and then into textiles and through textiles into sketching and painting. I didnt know what a colour wheel was until 4 years ago.
3 In my time I have spent a lot of time skin diving but gave up when we had to pass an exam to get a ticket! When we started no one was doing it and we only had long johns and wind cheaters to help with the cold, and our southern waters are cold, but very beautiful. How we didnt kill ourselves with so little knowledge I will never know, we gaily snorkelled and strapped on tanks and off we went. We were very lucky as in those days we would be the only ones camping on not so remote beaches which are now mostly national parks.
4 We have also spent a lot of our time snow skiing, wonderful places and people.
5 Arthritis is now not helping me and I am much restricted in my daily walks, especially at the moment with the change in seasons. My garden is a mess and I am sad about that but I did have it open under our Open Garden Scheme for two years, but a huge amount of work in a 2 acre garden for one person.
6I have been lucky enough to go overseas, skiing, looking at ponies, visiting America with my cloth dolls and Japan on "official" visits four times while my husband was the local mayor.
7 I breed Welsh ponies and have for most of my married life, I have been given a life membership and been President of the Australian Welsh Pony and Cob Society and our ponies do very well in the show ring both ridden and led.
As I said, more than you need to know.
This little painting was done after my walk this morning because I cant stand in the cold at the moment, a heap of crows in one of the trees near the newly seeded paddock.


Susan Borgas said...

Penny I enjoyed your post and going by your little painting it looks like it is greening up really well in your area.

We had a thunderstorm here over the farm this morning but not a lot of rain (did have some though) in it but guess it was better than nothing at all.

Alison said...

I enjoyed this post too.

Tony F said...

This is a knockout watercolour Penny. I love everything about it, especially the perspective, the fence and the colours in the sky. Gorgeous and quite inspirational. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good to see much more green in this painting than the earlier ones.
Tagging - I don't know what they mean. I thought it was about touch rugby or something!
Your bio sure sounds full on. Skiing and diving. Wow! We've only been to the snow twice and Peceli tried very hard to ski. I love to swim amidst coral and little fishies but I just will never take to diving equipment. I'd freak out.
A very enjoyable post Penny.

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely. I see we're all noticing the green.

Emma Pod said...

Thanks for sharing your 7 things! It's fun to read about you. Lovely paintings too!