Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sunday and Monday

These are again my Mambray Creek sketches. the first is again across the Gulf but looking further up. The second is this gorgeous little bird called a Babbler who hopped around the garden with his mates being absolutely silly and the third is of the wind chime by the back door which has a lovely sound, old forks and spoons on an old bit.
At home we had rain in the night about 6mm very welcome.I walked this morning and the sown paddocks are showing where the seedlings are coming up. Looks great.

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Julie Oakley said...

So glad to hear about the rain. I tried to say I rather liked your pine cone but blogger wouldn't let me. I also like the watercolours below and here. Your watercolours do have a relaxed free look about them. I still want to know is Grumpy the name of a place?