Monday, May 21, 2007

Coastal Correa

This is one of the many forms/colours of the coastal correa which is found amongst the limestone on my walk this morning, some are almost red while some are this apricot colour and some are paler again.
I am glad I walked for an hour this morning as it rained and blew a gale for the rest of the day.
It was fascinating seeing the oyster boats battling in against the wind and the tide with spray almost obliterating them at times.
I walked further this morning along the little cliffs facing the big bay with the wind blowing straight into me and at times I found walking quite difficult.
The fellows went out fishing but left late and came in early, they got a lot of little samon trout which I quite like but they must be eaen while very fresh, no whiting which is a shame.
Mary and I had the fire going and we embroidered for most of the day. Lovely to watch the rain scuds come by and look across the water.
I was a bit concerned that the smalls washing we had done might end up in the neigbours but we did get them in in one piece although a bit damp but the wind was so strong in between the rain they werent soaked and they are now airing by the fire.
I think from the weather forecasts it is just as well we brought lots of stuff to do.


Hashi said...

Very lovely

Tony F said...

Beautifully captured Penny. Coastal correa is a delightful shrub, so diverse and easy to propagate! Sounds like you are having a good holiday. It's great to see you back on the watercolours.

Lin said...


phthaloblu said...

Sounds lik eyou are having a grand holiday. This is a beautiful little drawing.

Julie Oakley said...

lovely penny