Tuesday, May 29, 2007

two sketches

The shed is the shed next door to the Coffin Bay house, I would say that it was the original shack and I rather liked it. I didnt have time to paint it. although it was a lovely shade of faded green.
the other was done as we were driving home, showing the difference between the green hills and the ploughrd paddock in front.
I havent had time to do anything today as it was 10 hours of driving yesterday before we got home and we had been up for 2 hours packing before we left, then unpacking when we got home, today I have done nothing but shop and put away and wash and the weather is very wintry, blowing a gale and scuds of rain pouring through.
I am supposed to go to beading tonight so the dogs will have a quick walk so long as it isnt pouring still.

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Lynn said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. And now you have some very nice sketches to help remember. Nice work!