Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had a very full day and as I went to walk the dogs a heavy shower was bearing down on me so I went up to gather some pine cones for the fire and turn on the tap to let water into the dam behind the house. The other dam is overflowing so I can do it with a clear conscience. Always know when I am in a hurry, the sketching definetly gets worse.
I am still trying to get organised to go away for the week end, shopped so i can cook tomorrow but John got home later than i expected so I was later shopping and later home etc etc.
A bad day yesterday, the stallion the vet doesnt know what the problem is but it doesnt seem life threatening but we had to put down a little filly who had a broken pelvis. We had been nursing her as there was a chance she would be ok, but she wasnt.
The ups and downs of horse breeding.


Julie Oakley said...

What a joyful heading! I agree that sometimes you need more time but I found that my time-limited sketches did get better and this has captured the vigour of the water spurting out

phthaloblu said...

This is a great sketch, even if it is hurried. You definitely caught the flow of the water.