Monday, June 11, 2007

Abandoned mail box

this mail box was sitting on the front wall of my sons house. Because they are renovating I guess someone thought it was a good place to leave it.
Another for the mail box series, and another suburban one. I must get on with a few more of these.
I use my sketchbooks a lot but there is a difference between what i do in the sketchbook, ie it is always with me, and what i do on proper and expensive watercolour paper. I guess that as i dont think anyone will be collecting my works in the future it doesnt matter much.
I do however envy those in other parts of the world who seem to have so many types of sketchbooks to choose from with heavier weight paper, the Raffines sound lovely but so far I have not been able to run one to earth here in Australia and if I did i guess they would cost an arm and a leg as the Moleskines do here. So I use my readily available, 100gsm, spiral bound, acid free books from the newsagent.


Lin said...

Poor, sad mailbox .... good job Penny -- I think the box wants a letter so it won't be lonely any more

Lynn said...

That's lovely. but who would abandon a perfectly good mailbox like that?