Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cattley a Orchid

I wondered if there was much difference in these two sketches, both the same obviously but the second one was going back over it with some water on the watercolour pencils. I dont think there is much at all, sometimes using water makes them pop a bit more.
I didnt have much time to paint yesterday and the cat in the sunroom was looking quite spectacular so I thought it wouldnt hurt to do something a bit fiddlier than I have been doing.


Lin said...

GREAT JOB ON THESE, Penny!!! I love the effect you've gotten by adding water!! Keep em coming!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

They do look almost the same. Anyway they are lovely flowers. We have about ten potted orchids but only two have any spike showing promise of flowers. We don't really feed them properly I think.

Anonymous said...

kcvbwfgYou have not got the name quite right here Penny.

It is a Cattleya orchid not "Cattley a orchid"

The plant genus is Cattleya but the person who first identifed it was William Cattley.

Regards Tim Cattley