Saturday, June 09, 2007

Down the road and across the valley

I had fun playing with the various greens in this one, there are so many different greens around at the moment. I am more confident with the simple lines. I have a lovely photo I took on my other blog that I would love to do but think it is too complicated, but then perhaps I could translate that into simple lines of coulour too. I will see.
Still cold and damp but nothing like Sydney which is really having rain and wind and problems, my computer on the weather page says they had over 108 mm on top of other rain. I hope it goes inland to the parched farms and rivers there.


Keith said...

Very nice.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Trying out different greens works very well in this painting. In the latest RACV magazine there is a lovely picture of hills in the Mt Buffalo area - it is like your pic but in various purples.

Jenny said...

Love the simple lines and colors. Complicated scrambles the brain ... I'm all for simplifying artwork so you can enjoy the process.

Tony F said...

Lovely picture Penny. I really like the mood you've captured using the sombre green colours and abstract rendition.