Sunday, June 10, 2007

Walking around the bay

This morning we were up early and in to get the papers and then for a walk on the walking/bike track around the bay again. It was a lovely morning and these were a few of the people we saw.
It has got very cold so I am back to aching joints but i wouldnt give this up.
We have a long week end this weekend so are catching up on a few things and Monday we go to McLaren Vale for the Sea to the Vines 2 days where you go around to the wineries and have seafood and some wine. I will be the designated driver so not any more than a sip of wine.


Keith said...

Very beautiful and calming. I really like the clouds. I like the lean of the two in conversation. Glad you overcame the cold to make this.

Sounds like you may have gotten the short end of the stick on the wine tour. :)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You are a gadabout aren't you - off to the wineries eh? Well, do some sketches of bottles and vines and so on, while others sip and sniff and spit or whatever they do when they talk about fruitiness or peat or something. Have a nice time of course.

takinanap said...

sweet drawing!