Thursday, June 28, 2007

Egyptian exhibition

This is supposed to be Thursday, I dont know what happens on my date line for this blog.
These are pages from my sketchbook trying to get Anubis in canine form yesterday in a crowded room. Not the ideal place for sketching. I love the clean shapes shown here.
I would have loved to have done more but we didnt have the time.
I also got a really lovely tiny little book at a very reasonable place of the Book of Hours from the art gallery bookshop, a very dangerous place to go..
I would like to use some of it for some future textile stuff.

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Tony F said...

I took my mother and sister to the Egyptian exhibition yesterday... lots of people but the exhibits were fascinating. Almost too much to take in with one viewing. My personal favourites were the small jade coloured tiles with the "eye" and the incredibly preserved bead necklace - what a work of art! The cat mummy and statue were also memorable.