Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mail box

It has been so cold I have resorted to drawing from photos in bed in the early morning when at least my feet are warm.
Yesterday I went to have my eyes tested and no wonder I cant see the lenses on my glasses are badly scratched, so new trendy red glasses frames and new lenses. I am also showing up a diabetic spot near where I had my left eye operated on, does that mean more stringent diabetes treatment? I hope not, I have been keeping things under control well by diet and exercise but perhaps not as much exercise as I really need, more hills to climb. Getting old is a b......


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Get up and shake it, girl! Okay, it is very cold these days.
I hope you don't have the anxiety of diabetes. I am pre-diabetic I am sure, but just cross my fingers, then do a walk or two. When I was given that glug test (a bottle of sugary substance) I gave it back to them fifteen minutes later as the guy sitting next to me was telling me about his liver or kidney transplant! So I never completed the test!

Tony F said...

This is a lovely drawing Penny. I also like yesterday's letterbox.