Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not a flower painter

I bought these incredible cyclamen, there is a mass of little flowers looking like arrow heads all at the same level all over this little pot of plants. It seems to like being in the bathroom which is cold at night.
I had lots of trouble painting this and decided that I really am not a flower painter.
I am also having a lot of trouble remembering when to put things up on this blog as the dates are wrong, quite different to my other one.
We were supposed to have rain last night and I dont think we have had any, just cold and overcast. We need more rain here, a lot of it to fill the subsoil.
I have been rather inefectually fiddling with some textile stuff, not really getting any where, trouble is my workroom is so cold, even with the heater on and the warmest place is the sitting room near the fire. So I have been feeling wicked and knitting my second sock.


Julie Oakley said...

Penny I think this is absolutely perfect. I could tell the minute I saw the picture that it was cyclamen. The colours and marks that you've used for the flowers and leaves sing cyclamen to me!

Tony F said...

Stunning picture Penny... you certainly CAN paint flowers! More please.