Monday, June 25, 2007

Mt Lofty Golf Club

Yesterday we went to a political fund raising lunch at Mt Lofty Golf Club. This is in the hills behind Adelaide and it was quite interesting, although the setting was more interesting than anything else, tucked away in a valley it was quite beautiful, and as it was a typical early winter cold day, magic to look out over fairways with gums and a few deciduous trees flanking them with a creek running along the bottom.
So while the speaches were on and my neighbours at the table didnt need concentrating on I sketched.
I dont know what I ate but it didnt agree with me very much but John won a rather nice mikimoto clock in the raffle.
There is still a lot of autumn colour on the trees and a few camellias and rhododendrons were out and lots of bulbs in the gardens we passed.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a funny story - a political fundraiser (I won't dare ask which party as I have friends in every camp, even the extreme left-left, and, right-right and my Dad was once asked to stand for the Country Party but he said, no, not with Mum and five kids) but with you sketching and speeches going on and dodgy food and winning a raffle. What a day! Reminds me of the Rotary fundraiser dinner when I was drawing winebottles and glasses, etc. but not bidding for even one item in the auction.

Keith said...

I am tempted to comment on all the posts I've missed, but I'll stop on this one.

Anyways, your work is an inspiration for me. I'll leave it there.