Friday, June 01, 2007

Our House

It has become something of a tradition amongst the walkers, Julie, Alison, myself and now Hashi to on our last day of the year sketch our house. So here is mine, it is not easy to do as from no where could I see the whole house, it is on a rise and is surrounded in trees and shrubs. The large pink tree is the Liquidamber which is still retaining some leaves, I was surprised as with the drought so many deciduous trees lost their leaves early.
As I said yesterday I will continue with this but perhaps not with the worry of posting every day. I have learnt a lot made good friends and tried to improve my work, with Julie's lovely pictures to give me the incentive to improve and Alisons delightful vignettes of suburban life, especially after dark Which gave me ideas of what to draw when I got bored with seeing the same things, it is amazing how differently you look at things and i had fun with the gate series. Now I will do more of the houses and mailboxes that I photographed or sketched too quickly to use or they were not relevant to that day, so I hope with not such a mad rush to get out and sketch and walk the dogs I can hone my skills even more.
It has been a very interesting year and I feel I know a bit more about Canberra about Julies bit of England and I am learning about Hashi's life in Los Angeles, where else but via the net could so diverse a collection of people come together. Thank you for letting me be a part of it all.


Julie Oakley said...

Congratulations Penny. It's been such an interesting experience sharing this together – it is incredible how the Internet brought us together. And this is such a lovely watercolour to complete your year. I love Alison's idea of finishing off with a sketch of your home. I don't know about you but I felt a little tearful at the end of the year.

Serena said...

A beautiful sketch, Penny! :)

Hashi said...

Good on you, Penny. I love liquidamber trees so I'm glad yours is still doing OK in the drought.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You are gaining more confidence in your painting and this is a pretty picture of your home. We've hardly seen any colour for autumn this year. The leaves just fell off early. Now it is winter but so far, not very cold.

Anonymous said...

Lovely view of your home, Penny.Congratulations on your year. Please do keep up the Sketchercize. We would miss you so much if you stopped.