Saturday, June 02, 2007

Old car

I took a photo of this old car at our friends property at Mambray Creek while I was walking one morning and it seemed the ideal start for my walking but not always sketching what I see while I am on that days walk. I have taken dozens of photos in the last year of buildings or things I wanted to paint but havent had time, now is the ideal time to do it.
Lets face it here we probably have about 8 months of the year when it is practical to do plein air work, in winter it is so wet and in summer can be far too hot.
My football team lost dismally, John and I went to the hardware shop together and got some onion seedlings, I have done some textile stuff and the lamb shanks are on braising slowly.
John has spent a fun day harrying the white cockies, two sorts, the big whites and corellas, we estimate there are about 600 in two flocks on the property, and keeping the calves and anything else from the grain they are fed, an expense we dont need after all the other problems this year. the delights of farming.


Keith said...

I have an old car I want to paint. It's on a friend's property, about 110 miles from here.

I live in Texas. I just started painting, but I'd guess we have about 8 months too for outdoor painting. Here, it isn't too cold, but there are spans of rains (especially down south during hurricane season). And the heat+humidity can suffocate in the dead of summer. But maybe I need to get used to that.

May go out and paint right now. Hmmm.

Keith said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

Here is a link to the picture of the old car I was talking about:

I enjoy your drawing too. It is very graceful... but more than that, just knowing you tracked out and looked and took the time... I don't know, hard to explain.

BTW, a storm blew through... which dashed my plans at painting outside...

Julie Oakley said...

I love this one

Alison said...

I love this one too - the poor old car - shouldn't it be rescued and done up?