Monday, June 18, 2007

Morning walk

We drove over to Pt Elliott and walked along a path that I have never walked along before and wasnt sure I even knew it was there, around the edge of the sea which is ringed there with enormous granite boulders.
This was the view looking back towards the Bluff and Victor Harbor and the Islands. It was very cold and quite misty, not at all clear and almost no definitionbetween the sky and the sea with huge pinky coloured clouds which I really didnt get right. apart from that I was quite pleased with this.
We had a coffee at the Flying Fish which was a nice place to stop and then walked back.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Breathtaking, in fact. I hope you frame this one - it just captures a mood so well, and with such subtleness. Thanks for posting it.

Keith said...

I enjoyed your last few posts. I like the mailbox series. Love the description and the painting here. Wish I could paint there. Sounds like the cold is biting. Glad you were able to get out. I hope the surgery went okay. Sorry about the b--- of growing old. I suppose we are all subject to it. :-( But paint on!

I'm away from home. I'll post a painting from my parents farm when I get back. I gave it to my dad for Father's day. Taking it home to frame it.

biteyourowntail said...

Subtle and lovely

juj said...

Oh this is beautiful. So calm and peaceful - it has a very Japanese-brush-painting feel to it. It's just lovely.