Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Here it is Australia Day and we have been in to the celebrations, well as John was a recipient a few years ago we go in to the morning celebrations we have here in the town. It was a lovely morning and those who were getting their Australian citizenships were a great lot and the this years recipients as Australian of the year for our district were full of good works.
Apart from a walk and a coffee and usual household tasks not much was done.
This little lady is badly out of proportion, I must get some bigger watercolour paper if I am going to do more, her arms are much too long for her body. I had almost finished when I realised what she looked like and I also ran out of time.
Surprisingly hot and humid sticky and uncomfortable.
Adelaide tomorrow. At least John is coming up as well as it is hair cut day too.
I have had a frustrating day trying to work out some textile stuff, I hope it all comes together later on in the week.
No haiku on short ladies with long arms! Instead one by Kikaru.
A baby warbler gaily
upside down
sings his first song!


Wanda said...

I love her, Penny...maybe she's reaching out to the world!

Karin Bartimole said...

She's lovely, celebrating the day!! Happy Australia day :)