Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nother doodle

With not much time I sat and did this for a few minutes this afternoon. I have a lovely old piece of Bali Batik which is nearly falling apart and I sketched, sort of, the flowers on it. I have to say that at times my wonky eye doesnt see the whole picture, sometimes not even part of the picture.
We were in Adelaide yesterday and saw my mother, she was stuck on the loo when I got there, I honestly dont think the carers take a lot of nitice and she was pretty agitated when they finally got her out.
Not a lot has been happening, I am trying to get my act together to do a few textile things as we have an exhibition over Easter and this year I dont seem to have a lot to offer. Of course the patterns I wanted I couldnt find, very frustrating as I knew I had put them somewhere I could get at them easily. I did manage to tidy one work room looking for them.
I bought a cording foot for my little Pfaff hobby 2042 yesterday, of course it doesnt fit it as the new Hobby has a smaller bit for it to fit onto. I have tried to see if they have another but I was told it was an 'old' model, gosh its my newest machine and cant surely be that old? Or can it!
I do wish they would not change feet sizes, my very old Pfaff takes the same feet I suppose its because they got taken over.
Grump over here is my Haiku for the night by Onitsura.
As froglets
they sang like birds...
Now summer is gone
they bark like old dogs.