Friday, January 22, 2010


Well at least I could see these, the pheasant shells look a bit as if they have taken a leaf out of an African war shield. They are one of our commoner shells and they come in a variety of shell patterns and I love them. I used to love watching them on the sea grass when I was diving.
There is a bushfire out of control a few kilometers away but I dont think is really any threat to us, although the wind change has sent it more into our direction but there is a lot of open farm land between it and us. I am not sure if it started in the pine forests and wether it was deliberately lit or not although there is a suspicion that we have a fire bug in the area.
At least it is cooler now, it was very uncomfortable this morning when I went in to shop.
I found trying to read the prices on the supermarket shelves a lot more difficult today, am I suddenly realising that I really do have a problem seeing?
So I came home and sketched and did some hand sewing, I have a lot to do and it is no good sitting around feeling sorry for myself.
I think maybe I have put up this Haiku by Basho before but it doesnt matter, it is a nice one.
Jewels of small shells
in ripples
of sand, tangled
with kelp and rubbish.


Dubois said...

The shells are lovely. They inspire me to go to the beach Perhaps a trip to the beach is on the cards next week. Thank you.

Wanda said...

I hope you don't experience a lot of distress over your eyesight until your appointment, Penny. Things will eventually be better. At least the dust around the house won't be as obvious to you, sometimes, when I put on my reading glasses, I'm shocked at what I suddenly see! :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I hope the fire is under control by now Penny.
Those are lovely shells I have not heard of before.
Sorry about your eyesight - as we get older all our faculties seem to become a problem dont they?

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely shell sketch, Penny. Pity someone doesn't catch that fire bug! It's beyond me why people do such things.
I had a quiet chuckle after reading Wanda's comment about putting on reading glasses and suddenly seeing the dust. Sounds like me!