Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Circular village

The weather has been so awful no body has done much and now we have had some rain but it is coming in from the north west and is so humid, about 20 mm which is more than we thought we might get and more than the weather bureau said.
Not a lot got done yesterday as we just closed all the blinds and curtains and waited out the 40 odd degree heat, I dont know what it got to but it was terribly hot.
Some fires around but luckily none close to here, still with the wind we watched.
Then blogger had a problem or firefox had a problem or something and I couldnt post. Maybe it was just too hot and the computer had a problem.
So I used some Derwent Inktense pencils and then a bit of water over the top. I was surprised at the way it seems to stand up.
The rain is an absolute blessing as the family is not used to the restrictions of rain water so the tanks are full again and the garden is positively smiling, although these long periods of heat do nothing for any one wanting to garden.
So nothing of great interest although this afternoon we hope to take the cockle train over to Goolwa and back, seems like a good day to do it.
Painting and drawing are really the last things I want to do at the moment.
We did see Avatar the other night, not in 3D but I think I am glad as I could well have been sick, the heights were quite dizzying and flying on the dragons amazing. Not much of a story but the visuals were terrific.
Onitsura has an interesting Haiku
Drift of ashes
from a burning field,
a wailing
wind sighing away...

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Wanda said...

Your drawing does have a lot of depth to it Penny. Very cheerful colors too! Hope you get relief from the heat soon. We are suppose to warm up a bit today. It has been close to 0. I prefer cool weather. Like you, the older I get, the more I prefer cold over heat and humidity, my husband is the opposite though.