Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Possibly a card

While doodling the other day this small surprised looking owl was born. I may use him for a card at a later date. I like to have a few cards on hand.
Our family bbq went off well last night and a good time was I think had by all. We dont often get most of them together, we were missing some who were in Western Australia.
My back only just managed to make it through to the eating stage when thank goodness I could relax and sit for a while with lots of children, babies and chat going on around.
They are all growing especially the two smalls, Mason looks like a real little boy and is walking, well running and the first thing he said to me was 'bow wow' and wanted to see the dogs. Of course they are all interested and a tiny bit afraid of the peacocks who were all preparing to roost in the highest trees possible.
Millie looked gorgeous in the dress I bought for her in York.
Will and Evie dont see their cousins very often and of course Celina who has the same birthday as Evie was unfortunately at a birthday party, but she will see her later on in the week.
Shiki is the author of this Haiku.
The speech of insects
and the speech of man
are heard
with different ears.

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Wanda said...

Your owl also looks like an American Indian carving Penny!