Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attempting tonal clouds

I try and I try and I still cant manage to do clouds. I thought perhaps I would try a tonal drawing taken from the photo I took yesterday which is on my other blog, but it still looks nothing like it.
I havent really had time to go back to paints as I have a heap of textile stuff to get done made more difficult by the fact that my back really doesnt like me and I have trouble getting up from a chair. I have a couple more dolls under way but I have finished my textile tantrum, oh and forgot to take its finished photo, bother and it is all packed up now.
I had a lovely morning, I went to the market, and bought some plants, lettuce, basil and parsley, I usually have loads of parsley but in the heat it all died and there doesnt seem to be much viable seed.
These are all going in pots near the back door.
Instead of going straight home I did a wander up the side of the valley on one of the dirt roads and did a circuit coming back from the other end of the valley. I took some photos and decided that at some stage I must do on my other blog a bit of a history of the place as I remember it. After all we will be having our 51st wedding anniversary on the 7th of Feb so what I tend to think of as not terribly interesting may be to my children, eventually!
We are going out to dinner with friends tonight which should be fun, I do sometimes feel that the older we have got the less we see of friends, we all seem to be trying to cram so much into our lives!
John has just rung in to say Oscar will be pleased and we have a reasonable amount of fish so that is great. Oscar gets the fish we dont eat but they catch any way.
We had a late and not too long dinner last night as Millie hadnt had her afternoon sleep and Tabby's John was tired having just come back from Alice Springs and Tab was tired having had to look after the two babies, but it was good none the less.
Tonight the Haiku is by Shiki.
The thunder has subsided.
Evening sun on a single tree.
The cry of a cicada.


ArtPropelled said...

Pity about your back Penny but you do sound quite cheerful in spite of it. It will be interesting to read your post about the history of your farm. Lovely haiku.... I can see it clearly in my minds eye.

Wanda said...

I can't wait to grow fresh herbs, I can see last year's parsley still green under the snow. Looks like it may have made it through the winter!