Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three women

Well if I cant see this is maybe what I will paint instead.
We had a lovely day yesterday watching the 2nd to last stage of the Tour Down Under, the big Australian cycle race that is held locally.
Great fun and a time for many to get together.
We all had lunch at a friends place that was near one of the vantage points, so a long and happy lunch on a beautiful day.
This morning John and I went for a walk on the beach, very enjoyable and then I tidied the house and got stuck into a bit of the garden as it was such a pleasant day.
Had a fight with our provider, we are not sure what the heck is going on but our 3G keeps on not working when it has been happily working for ages, months and months before this.
I didnt realise how much I use the computer!
I have been doing a bit of sewing, I tell myself while I can.
The eye comes and goes a bit, this morning I couldnt read my book, this afternoon it isnt so bad. I really dont want to think about the possibility that I may be as blind as I was before the operation to fix it. Is this an on going problem? I suppose I have been lucky to have about 8 years and I suppose the other eye may compensate, but what about my sewing?
I have workshops I am going to, my independence!
Better get onto my haiku for tonight, this is a very evocative one by Soseki, I have seen this in Japan.

A rain cloud darkens
red maples
clinging to crags
by a waterfall.

Absolutely lovely.


ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful haiku again Penny and I love your brightly clad figures. I'm so sorry you are having trouble with your eyes. Holding thumbs that this can be remedied.

Ammara said...

IT reminds me of the three tall women...a play by Albee...lovely!

Wanda said...

Even with your eye problem...your paintings are lovely, Penny!

Candy said...

I love this watercolor, Penny! You're right, the haiku is lovely.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

An interesting painting. Have you tried to draw some of the tennis players in action - Venus, Serena and others? Or don't you want the tennis? We watch some of the matches, even into the middle of the night. I have a sore back at present, probably the bad posture while watching TV. Have a nice reflective day tomorrow for Ausralia Day.