Monday, January 25, 2010

More girls

I am into quick, not terribly good, figure studies at the moment. I am having fun and that is what I like about them.
Bear with me.
I have managed to change my eye specialist appointment for the 25th of march, which is an improvement. Early morning in Adelaide but that is ok.
My back has had a going over and I have managed to get a bit of textile work done so my feelings of achievement is helping the whole psyche.
Today in the mail came one of the books I had ordered through Amazon, a 2nd hand copy of The tribal arts of Africa by Jean-Baptiste Bacquart. I have a thing about masks and although I have no African ones, and would dearly love one this is satisfying a need for the moment. Such lovely and interesting stuff. No wonder I love what Robyn of Artpropelled does. Not only does she carve fantastic stuff, (I wont go into how much I want a piece) but she also tells about many other interesting blogs and artists.
To morrow is Australia Day and today John and I hung our flag in a small tree by the corner of the house, I would like a flag pole but well its another thing to wish for isnt it!
John is re reading poetry at night, I am hoping it might inspire him to write some more, he is very good but says he doesnt have time. He found this Haiku by Issa.
Oh, dont mistreat
the fly,
He wrings his hands!
He wrings his feet!


ArtPropelled said...

Keep on having fun... it shows. Your new figure studies have a lightness and joy about them. Glad you've managed to bring the appointment closer. Maybe they will have a cancellation and you can make it even earlier. I've looked through the book you mentioned quite a few times at the bookshop. It's a good one!
Thanks so much for another mention, Penny.
Oh and today I am mistreating the fly! It is so humid and the flies arrived with the humidity but I'm taking no nonsense! Swat, swat,swat :-)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love your figures Penny and I too absolutely covet a piece of Robyn's carving.

Betsy Grant said...

I'm glad I was introduced to your blog. I really like your drawings/paintings (shades of Gaugin!). Keep it up!

Joy said...

With you loving Afrian art, it got me thinking of a story on my other blog. I will get the link and come back and share it with you.